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Amy Poehler was on Comedy Bang Bang in September.  With Paul F. Tompkins as Alan Thicke.  Scott had them end the show with a Freestyle Rap Battle!  The theme that was randomly selected was Butter!

Amy’s was soooooo funny. (Warning:  *not* G-rated).

“Paula Deen’s a mf’n racist
Makes food and says let’s taste this
Droppin’ n-bombs all over America
She’s got a problem like ComericA Bank
Doesn’t have any more money
No more money
Isn’t that funny
You can’t get your cash
You can’t buy a car
You can’t go to Spain
You can’t travel far
‘Cause you’re broke, you’re broke, you’re broke
I spoke
I spoke
Words of wisdom, and that’s no joke.

Butter and Jam
Butter Pecan
Butter is off
Butter is on
Butter be good
Butter be bad
Butter be the best mf’n thing you’ve had.

And now
I’m goin’ on a diet
I think you should try it
I’m not gunna lie
It’s hard to eat healthy, America
‘Cause poor people can’t afford real food
Real food
I’m in the mood

Paula Deen
Queen of Mean
It’s not my scene
to be so rude and
Butter and butter and butter and butter and butter
I fuc* her butter face!”


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So. . .I am sad to say, I just don’ t keep up with this blog very much.  Hurmpf.  Facebook has taken over.

From Bust magazine

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Cake Wrecks

This cake car commercial from Cake Wrecks is amazing. 

Also, love this Supermom vs. the Diabolical Decorator of Doom story from Cake Wrecks – har!

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Jesus Bobblehead!

So tonight Foo & I walked through our new home getting the home inspection done.  There are some water stains on the ceiling of one of the bedrooms downstairs, and the inspector lifts up the ceiling panel to see where it could be coming from.

Perched right there behind the ceiling panel was a. . . . JESUS BOBBLEHEAD!!

No joke!  It’s a Jesus Bobblehead!  Omigosh.  Foo and I were cracking up so much.  Who doesn’t love a Jesus Bobblehead?

After we check for drugs or money, we’re going to just leave it there, and place a few of our own in the house we’re leaving. . .

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