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Muppets!  On  30 Rock!




Picture of the Week










Of course, from Gap

Picture of the Week

Artwork by EJ Curry – a local black artist who has overcome all the odds.  Oh, and he works a steady gig at my place of employment, Intercontinental Hotels.

Cake Wrecks

This cake car commercial from Cake Wrecks is amazing. 

Also, love this Supermom vs. the Diabolical Decorator of Doom story from Cake Wrecks – har!

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From Cake Wrecks

Belated YAY!

Well, I haven’t been blogging much lately b/c I’ve been obsessed with the election & reading news reports, crazy rantings from Palin, shouting from Glenn Beck (for 5 minutes at a time before I throw up in my mouth a little) and besides, everyone says it much better than I do (thanks Jon, Tina, Stephen & AKMuckraker).

A belated. . . YAY! for Barack Obama’s win – woo hoo! So relieved. So excited. So thrilled.

Picture of the Week

From Mudflats: Mucking through life of Alaskan Politics