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Amy Poehler was on Comedy Bang Bang in September.  With Paul F. Tompkins as Alan Thicke.  Scott had them end the show with a Freestyle Rap Battle!  The theme that was randomly selected was Butter!

Amy’s was soooooo funny. (Warning:  *not* G-rated).

“Paula Deen’s a mf’n racist
Makes food and says let’s taste this
Droppin’ n-bombs all over America
She’s got a problem like ComericA Bank
Doesn’t have any more money
No more money
Isn’t that funny
You can’t get your cash
You can’t buy a car
You can’t go to Spain
You can’t travel far
‘Cause you’re broke, you’re broke, you’re broke
I spoke
I spoke
Words of wisdom, and that’s no joke.

Butter and Jam
Butter Pecan
Butter is off
Butter is on
Butter be good
Butter be bad
Butter be the best mf’n thing you’ve had.

And now
I’m goin’ on a diet
I think you should try it
I’m not gunna lie
It’s hard to eat healthy, America
‘Cause poor people can’t afford real food
Real food
I’m in the mood

Paula Deen
Queen of Mean
It’s not my scene
to be so rude and
Butter and butter and butter and butter and butter
I fuc* her butter face!”


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So. . .I am sad to say, I just don’ t keep up with this blog very much.  Hurmpf.  Facebook has taken over.

From Bust magazine

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Cake Wrecks

This cake car commercial from Cake Wrecks is amazing. 

Also, love this Supermom vs. the Diabolical Decorator of Doom story from Cake Wrecks – har!

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You rock, Tina Fey

SNL, September 13, 2008, opening skit:

Perfect Palin accent.  Fabulous beauty queen moves.  Great lines.

This election season is just so perfect for comedic fodder.  Keep it coming!!!!

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But Will sure can – I’m so sad he got kicked off already! Geesh! His solo as James Brown was fun, creative, and alive – I didn’t want it to end so quickly. I don’t think he’s done a bad dance all season, and I really thought that it would be him and Katee in the final two.

One of the things I liked about him is that he was so considerate of Jessica when she’d get bad reviews, and he just seems like he is such a kind person.

I really wanted the three African American guys to be in the final countdown. I like Mark’s quirkiness, but he is no where near as talented as Will, Twitch & Joshua.

But really, this show, just like American Idol, is a popularity contest. And you can be popular without being the most talented.

I would have to say that Twitch is my favorite for some reason. There is just something so adorable about him and I love that he, as a street dancer, can pull of these technical dances. I loved his composer-style solo a few weeks ago. Great art.

Although Joshua has really shown his strength, also as a street dancer, in his ability to pull off the technical dances too. And he’s such a strong man when dancing, but such an adorable guy off the stage.

Katee is a huge surprise. When she was picked to be in the top twenty, I hadn’t seen her dance much and she sounded so bratty. But now I see that she is definitely the best female dancer on the show – a few mistakes here and there, but never a bad dance. And she’s so cute and sincere.

Chelsie is also pretty amazing – she incredible to watch her precision and showmanship.

I hope the finale comes down to Twitch, Joshua, Katee and Chelsie. I would be happy with any of them winning, but probably Katee deserves it the most since she has such a range of strength, and has been the one who has most consistently outperformed the others.

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bat·gasm     [bat-gaz-uhm]
1.    the pleasurable physical and emotional sensation experienced when anticipating, watching, or talking about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

This movie is, simply put, stunning.  It delivers on every front.  Every supporting actor holds their own – Heath Ledger (absolutely incredible), Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal – they’re all great.

Katie Holmes was lukewarm in Batman Begins, and as such the romance between her character and Bruce Wayne wasn’t believable to me.  With Maggie Gyllenhaal, though, it’s strong.  Her delivery on just a few lines in the movie is emotional and deep.  I felt the longing that Bruce Wayne has for her, and as such, his decision was that much more powerful.

Christian Bale is fabulous – I love his deep, raspy voice as Batman.

Some of the stunts had me grinning ear to ear.  How did they do that?

I can’t wait to see it again in 3D on an IMAX.

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Comic World

I just finished my first comic book ever.  It was fun.

Fray, by Joss Whedon.  About a futuristic slayer!

It did take a little to get used to reading the pictures, gathering all the information you can from the pictures and then putting the whole story together.

I thought the artist wasn’t 100% consistent, but I liked his style, and I love Joss, so hey.  The story wrapped up a bit quickly for me, but it was definitely fun.  I need to read more – and Foo has a lot more that I can choose from.

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